Perfect Imperfection

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Perfect Imperfection

A couple weeks ago I was walking with a friend and noticing how immaculate the gardens were. Something about that caused discomfort and curiosity. Why did the gardens have to be kept exactly right? We moved along farther in our walk and noticed the beauty of Mother Nature, leaves on the trees and on the ground, branches, grasses and trees of all shapes and sizes, variety, life dying and life being born- it exists in what appears to be chaos in the woods. Or is it Perfect Imperfection?

A metaphor perhaps for ourselves. Rather than trying to be perfect, can we strive to be uniquely who we are and stand in our own brilliance? As each person shares the uniqueness of who they are, we learn something vital and unique and I believe our lives are richer for it. It’s like the opening of this flower, precious, beautiful and exactly right in its own way. The uniqueness of each being, flower, plant, animal all of it together make the tapestry of our Earth. Perfect Imperfection.

The wisdom that lies within you, your Perfect Imperfection, so beautifully wants to share itself with the universe. It’s right here within you, what is it you intend to do with it?

With grace,