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Presence, Intention, Love for Yourself

Seven years ago I took my first Craniosacral Therapy class. At that time I had been a Physical Therapist (PT) for 21 years and was working in an outpatient PT clinic. I loved what I did in some ways but each day I left feeling depleted. My first cranial class opened a window for me, a window into intention, presence and curiosity. My curiosity became an excitement in learning, a desire to understand more and a deep appreciation for the Health that resides within us. It’s this work that has allowed me to find stillness within myself and within my clients. In this place of stillness Health shows up and something magical happens. The body starts to orient around Intention. I see it in my clients when I work with them, each session the intentions grow deeper and the work becomes more profound. I have found a profession that brings me closer to my love for myself and my love for this amazing world in which we live. When I receive this work my intentions become clearer. I begin to see a path to achieve my goals as a friend, a partner, a mother, a woman, a competitive rower, a meditator and a person moving through life striving to make a difference.

If you have seen me for cranial work and it has made a difference, I hope that you will share my card with your friends, family, health care team, or forward this email on and tell people how this work has touched your life. My business grows through word of mouth. This work is deeply personal and it is through connection and intention that it finds its way to others.

I hope you walk into this holiday season with ease and that you feel the Health that is within you in each moment.

In peace,